Lloyd is the Founder & Managing Partner of Sharp Alpha Advisors, a premier firm specializing in sports betting startups, venture capital, M&A, and technology. He is also the Chairman & Founder of the International Consortium for the Ethical Development of Artificial Intelligence, a 501(c)(3) non-profit dedicated to ensuring that rapid developments in A.I. are made with a keen eye toward the long-term interests of humanity.

Lloyd is the Host of The AI Experience, a podcast providing an accessible analysis of relevant AI news and topics. He also serves as Co-Chairman of CompTIA AI Advisory Council, a committee of preeminent thought leaders focused on establishing industry best practices that benefit businesses while protecting consumers.

He is a frequent keynote speaker, guest lecturer, and podcast guest on the topic of innovation and investment in the sports betting industry, and has been interviewed or cited by most major publications on the topic. 

Lloyd completed his undergraduate studies, in Economics, at The Wharton School of Business and his post-graduate studies, in Computer Science, at Columbia University.





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